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Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1 (Japanese: 少年が大人になった夏 第一話[ジャイロウ] ) is set to release on July 4 2024 on hentaianime, produced by Queen Bee.

Episode Overview

In the latest episode of Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1, we delve into the emotionally charged and complex life of Ryuki Kirishima, a young boy navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence while coping with a deep personal loss. After the tragic death of their parents in a car accident, Ryuki lives with his older sister Reiko, whom he admires profoundly, believing her to be the greatest person in the world.

Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1 p1

The Secret Warehouse

The episode begins with Ryuki and his friends gathering in their secret warehouse base—a haven where they escape the pressures of their everyday lives. This secluded location, filled with relics and reminders of their childhood, serves as the backdrop for a pivotal moment in Ryuki’s journey.

Kiril-sama’s Allure

The story takes an unexpected turn when the group decides to watch a video of “Kiril-sama,” a popular online star known for her striking appearance and charisma. Ryuki, who has never shown interest in such videos before, finds himself unexpectedly captivated by Kiril-sama’s charm. This fascination marks a significant moment for Ryuki, as it introduces him to new and confusing feelings.

Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1 p2

Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1 p3

Themes and Impact

“Kiril-sama’s Secret” explores the intricate themes of adolescence, curiosity, and the bittersweet journey of growing up. Ryuki’s deep admiration for his sister Reiko contrasts sharply with his newfound fascination with Kiril-sama, highlighting the complex and often conflicting emotions that accompany the transition from childhood to adolescence.

The episode sensitively depicts Ryuki’s internal struggle. His feelings of confusion and curiosity are palpable as he navigates his unexpected interest in Kiril-sama. This moment serves as a stark reminder of the innocence lost and the complex emotions that surface during these formative years.

Animation and Direction

Queen Bee brings this sensitive storyline to life with exceptional animation and direction. The depiction of Kiril-sama’s video is handled with care, focusing on Ryuki’s emotional response. The studio’s commitment to detail ensures that each character’s emotions are vividly portrayed, enhancing the overall impact of the episode.

Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1 p4


“Shounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu” is a compelling and thought-provoking episode that delves deep into the emotional and psychological landscape of adolescence. Ryuki Kirishima’s journey is portrayed with authenticity and sensitivity, resonating with viewers who have navigated the tumultuous path of growing up. This episode stands as a testament to the narrative and visual storytelling prowess of Queen Bee.

As Ryuki contends with his emerging feelings and the complexities of his relationship with his sister and friends, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter ofShounen ga Otona ni Natta Natsu – Episode 1. How will Ryuki’s experiences shape his understanding of himself and those around him? The unfolding story promises to explore these themes with the same depth and nuance that has captivated audiences thus far.

Rating: 9,4/10